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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Litigation Attorney at the Ofori Law Firm, LLC.

People have rights, and if these rights are violated by another person, it may be brought to court as a civil litigation. Unlike criminal law, if there is a dispute between two or more parties, civil litigation will seek to compensate the victim or have a specific action performed by the opposing party.

"Generally, civil litigation, or any civil case is a resolution to the breaking of private law issues regarding individuals, businesses, or non-profit organizations."

Commercial Litigation

Similar to civil litigation, commercial litigation involves dispute between two or more businesses regarding business related issues, and will seek compensation for the proposing business or a specific action required to be performed by the opposing business. These may include but not limited to employee disputes, breach of contract, debt collection, partnership disputes, and interference with business or contracts.

It is very important to have an experienced litigation attorney to represent the client’s interest. A litigation attorney, also known as a litigator or trial lawyer, will represent you in trials, hearings, arbitrations, mediations. A litigator will talk to the opposing parties before hand, with the possibility of coming to a settlement without the need to go to court, if possible.

A litigator can help clients with, but not limited to:

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