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Document Review/Drafting

Document Review/Drafting

Legal Document Review

The importance of legal documentation has ben increasing throughout the years and continues to grow. As we enter into business transactions, contracts, create wills or power of attorneys, deeds, any other legal document, it is important that the purpose of the document is clear and the wording it correct because of its binding effect.

Once you enter into a legal transaction, any documents become legally binding on the parties, and can be enforced against a party involved. This is why it is important to ensure any legal document is done correctly. It is common that, for example, a contract, deed, or any other legal document may have words that an average person would not understand, or that it may not be formatted or worded in such a way that would be enforceable. In many instances, contracts are tailored in such a way to benefit one party.

We at Ofori Law Firm will review any legal document you may have before it becomes binding. We will ensure contracts are fair, deeds are correctly worded, and wills are worded to achieve your purpose.

Legal Document Drafting

Whether you are entering into business with another person or company, buying or leasing property, or transferring assets to another, there is usually always a legal document that needs to be drafted for such purpose. The importance of making sure you have a legal writing before entering into any transaction ensures that obligations agreed to cannot be disputed or contradicted by any other person or entity.

At Ofori Law Firm, we can draft contracts, deeds, wills, or any legal document you desire tom achieve your goals. We will make sure that each document is drafted and formatted correctly, easy to understand, and enforceable.


Affidavits, Agreements, Business Formation Documents (ex. Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement), Bill of Sale, Cease and Desist Letters, Contracts, Codicils, Deeds, Deed of Trust, IOUs, Leases, Letters, Power of Attorney, Promissory Notes, Wills

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